In April 2018, Sydney Blockchain Hub was founded with UCOT as its main sponsor.

Its aim was to promote the development of Australian blockchain industry and establish Australia's core position in the global blockchain sector.  

In February 2019, Sydney Blockchain Hub then joined the worldwide Blockchain Centre ecosystem to reinforce this mission and its relations with the rest of the world. 

Now part of an ecosystem with 15 other locations in 12 different countries as well as a fresh new crew onboard, our values and mission have remained unchanged: Sydney Blockchain Centre is still committed to providing a high-quality platform for global blockchain projects and encrypted digital currency trading enthusiasts to communicate, share and collaborate with each other.

During this time, our influence has grown dramatically on various social platforms. By bringing together the most dynamic and cutting-edge blockchain industry experts and investors of the Southern Hemisphere and even the world, we continue to serve blockchain based startups, communities and enthusiasts.


 In the short span of several months, Sydney Blockchain Centre has held more than 30 offline events and received almost 3000 blockchain fans.

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Level 1, 23 O'Connell Street, Sydney 2000

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