• Jenny Li

In the blockchain space, China has entered the chat, embracing blockchain technology and the opportunities it provides. Chinese President Xi Jinping said China must make “greater effort” to develop and apply blockchain technologies.

Because of this news, Sydney Blockchain Centre sought out to, once again, answer the question for our many newcomers: What is blockchain and why does it matter?

Our co-founder Hubert Chu along with special guests Victor Huang (Managing Director of UCOT, our main sponsor) and Victor Jiang (Founder and Chairman of Sapien Ventures).

Highlights of the night:

* A panel discussion and Q&A with Victor Huang, Victor Jiang and Hubert Chu

* Victor Huang spoke about how UCOT’s innovative blockchain can change ordinary person’s life with their key products such as UTracer and UPhoto. UCOT has developed traceability solutions aiming to close the gap between manufacturers and consumers with complete information transparency.

* Victor Jiang shares his insights on blockchain in the investment space.

* Hubert Chu spoke about Sydney Blockchain Centre’s vision. We’ve held more than 30 free events with the core mission to educate the public!

* An Alibaba Cloud Sweepstakes worth $30 000!

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