• Jenny Li

Gaming and Blockchain! – MixMarvel's Sydney stop

As we progress through new eras, we are introduced to new technologies. #Mixmarvel and Sydney Blockchain Centre held a blockchain gaming workshop this Tuesday.

Visitors did not only gain a lot of theoretical knowledge but also had the opportunity to experience the charms of what blockchain can bring to gaming through hands-on interaction.

Oscar Ji, manager of Sydney Blockchain Centre, introduced the development of the funded projects at this stage as well as the recent developments and impacts as well as future plans.

The game industry is currently dealing with three major pain points: poor performance and flexibility; lack of servicing and functionality; high stakes and high user entry threshold.

To solve these issues, #Mixmarvel introduced their protocol which includes features such as high-performance scalability, a rich SDK and fast access cloud architecture. This innovative protocol can effectively improve user experience and enable game developers to build quickly.

Finally, Lucy Lin from Forestlyn interviewed MixMarvel, focusing on the advantages of MixMarvel's ecology, their core audience, and the advantages of traditional games.


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