• Jenny Li

Happy Birthday EOS!

On Sunday June 1, Oscar Ji of @Sydney Blockchain Centre had the honour of MC'ing the #EOS 1st Birthday & Watch party at the Aeona coworking space. Washington DC delegates also joined us through a live call!

The highlights:

-, the multi-billion dollar startup that built the EOSIO platform, is launching a crypto-based social media platform called “Voice” with the aim to make social media crypto-friendly. They are also cooperating with Coinbase for the Education Reward Program.

- Ralf Weinand, from GenerEOS, and @Matt Wright, from EOSphere also presented and shared their vision for EOS.

- A fun quizmaster for the attendees with a total prize pool of up to 100 EOS tokens, thanks to EOSphere and Emanate!

Voice will allow users to post, share and promote content. Each interaction on the platform will be registered on the underlying blockchain.’s aim now is to educate the public on the crypto world and provide a platform for them to go nuts on!

Congratulations, again, to EOS for one year and many more to come!


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